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Bra Fitting 101

Bra Fitting 101 is your guide to find the perfect fitting bra, and is remarkably similar to shopping for shoes.

What do bras and shoes have in common?

Both can make you look and feel amazing.

No two shoes fit the same so your shoe size can vary from brand to brand...
...and so does your bra size, from left breast to right, because you’re a unique woman.
That’s empowering, and once you know your true size you will always be comfortable no matter what the tag says!

Better still, you’ll be eager to try on new styles and enjoy the confidence each brings!

Bra Fitting 101 is a comprehensive guide to finding your bra size, and knowing what to look for to achieve your desired fit and shape. It involves knowing your underbust, centre panel, cups and wire, and straps.

Let’s begin by measuring your bust using the Bra Calculator.