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Bra Fitting 101

Fitting Myths

Let us help you get fitted for proper support and comfort.

Myth 1 – All bras are the same

No. There are as many different types of bra shapes, styles and cuts as there are styles of jean fits! It’s great to know what works well for you but don’t be afraid to try a new style on, even if you think it won’t suit you. You may be surprised at how you look and feel!

Myth 2 – My bra size is always the same no matter what style bra I wear

Incredibly, nearly 85% of women wear the wrong bra size! And, since women can fluctuate in weight (over any period of time), even the remaining 15% should own a few different sizes. It’s good to educate yourself on how a bra should fit or get professionally fitted every 6 months. Ask your fitter to explain the What, Whys and Hows and you’ll have the right size bra for any situation.

Myth 3 – A woman who is an A is smaller than a woman who is a C

Not necessarily. A size 14A is the same cup size as a 10C. The cup size needs to change in proportion to the band, as a size 14 will have wider breast tissue distribution than a 10 back. This is called cross-sizing, and you’ll find a helpful chart in our underbust section that easily explains the corresponding cup sizes.

Myth 4 – I have to wear a larger back size because I have a broad back.

No. Your back size involves your underbust, positioned in the narrowest part of your back, not your shoulders. If you wear a size 10 top but wear a 14D bra, you may be wearing the wrong size bra!

Here’s why: The back of a 14D is wider than you are, and would ride up until it stops at a wider section of your upper back.

To correct this, your underbust size should correspond to your top size, or not be far off. If you wear a size 10 top with a 14D bra, try a 10E or a 12DD. Go to the cross-sizing chart to see what could be relevant for you.

Why would you be a size 10 in one, but a 14 in another especially when your bra should fit firmer than your top!!

Myth 5 – Wearing a bra is supposed to hurt me!

Never! If your bra hurts, you are wearing the wrong size. Many women avoid wearing underwire bras because it hurts them. The underwire plays an important part in the structure of your bra to provide support and lift. There is always a solution an uncomfortable bra! Let us help you get fitted.

Myth 6 – My bra support comes from the straps

No. Your bra’s underbust should support the weight of your breasts, never your straps! Your straps are the final adjustment for your bra for good reason. They help by ensuring the top of your bra cups sit flat on your chest. If your bra support comes from your straps let us help you get fitted for proper support and comfort.

Myth 7 – That can't be my bra size!

Your bra size will never define who you are. Bra sizing was only introduced in 1983, and was limited to sizes A, B, C and D. There are more sizes now because bra companies recognise the need to accommodate all women. In other words bra sizes are still evolving. Bendon has over 50 size ranges across all its brands!

A larger size, like an E cup, may not necessarily mean you have a lot of volume; it could also refer to the width of your breast tissue. By wearing the right size you will feel 100% more comfortable, and look even better with a proportional and flattering silhouette!

Myth 8 – I have back fat, I can’t wear a bra too tight

It’s a fact of life that we women have more fat deposits than men. The bras you and I wear are designed to flatter and support our breasts, not our backs. Would you prefer no back fat and saggy breasts, or lifted breasts and a little back fat?

In order to give your breasts lift, your bra’s underbust needs to be firm. Every bra you own is at its firmest when you buy it and it needs to be worn in so it can conform to your body. It’s like buying shoes or jeans in a firmer fit – let your body determine the shape, not the shoes or jeans!

Myth 9 – Red imprints on my skin means my bra is too tight

Unless your bra is painful to wear, red imprints on your skin do not guarantee that you are wearing the wrong size. For example socks, watches and underwear elastic can leave similar red marks, and can indicate they are worn firmly so as not to move on your body throughout the day.

Myth 10 – If my cup gapes or puckers, the cup size is too big

Not necessarily. It could mean simply changing the bra style you are wearing. For example, if your breasts are fuller at the lower half than the top half, a balconnet bra will lift your breasts, creating a more flattering shape than a plunge bra does.

In some instances it could mean your cup size is too big, but it is also important to make sure you have adjusted your bra correctly, and are wearing the right style for your shape. The checklist to follow includes: checking that you’ve scooped all your breast tissue past the wire, and confirming that your straps are firm enough (loose straps will cause the top of the cup to sit further away from your chest)